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 ---- Tracy is an excellent trainer that takes the time to make sure you and your dog are comfortable and understand what is expected. We've been working with her for a few weeks as we get our dog trained as a service dog and the differences we've seen already is fantastic. She takes a positive reinforcement approach and you can tell she is extremely knowledgeable. She's been incredibly flexible, professional, personable and encouraging, and is quick to answer any and all questions we have (which is usually a lot). I would highly recommend for anyone looking for any level of training. - Kathryn D. 

 ----Tracy is absolutely the best! Fiona had issues with barking at other dogs, people, cyclists, runners and anything else moving. It made walks very challenging. But Tracy taught us both how to overcome these challenges. I would highly recommend Tracy if your dog needs modifications. - Rachel S. 

 ---- Tracy and Jayms were great with our 1.5 year old rescue, Meesha. She loved them and was eager to work with them and show off. With their gentle and positive technique she blew through basic obedience training. We really appreciate all the work they did. Thanks. - Carla and Lisa M. 

 ---- Excellent job! Really understands the dogs. - Nikki D.G. 

 ---- I have had dogs all of my life and thought I could handle aka train any dog. I have learned so much from Tracy as we navigated our newly adopted Luke. He has been, let's just say, a handful. He now obeys commands, most of the time, is much easier to walk on a leash and does not dart out the door when opened. All training was accomplished with compassion, positive reinforcement and lots and lots of love. Tracy has a calm, professional demeanor that Luke certainly responds to and my guess is most other dogs do as well. She demonstrates that she is the alpha dog without having to "fight" for the position. We still have some things to work on with Luke and I look forward to having Tracy back in the near future. - Patty S. 

 ----"Tracy Eckert of Pawsitive Pets Training with HEART  is a SUPERIOR animal trainer."  As far as we are concerned she is THE "Fairy DOG Mother of Dogs and their Owners!" Before working with Tracy we used three other trainers and their methods were either outdated, intimidating to our dog, and/or the "trainer" was  unable to gently or effectively communicate or work with our  rescued/adopted  2 year old  strong willed, demanding, active, and intelligent Australian Shepherd-Border Collie mix.  Using her knowledge, education, experience, and wisdom of dog breeds, dog body language, and dog behavior modification, Tracy is gently transforming our "Sassy Lassie" into a more obedient, well-behaved, loving member of our family.  In addition, Tracy is teaching my husband and me not only  how to read our girl's body language, but also how to be proactive, rather than reactive, while we use the methods Tracy is teaching  US to use while WE continue to train our girl on our own. We couldn't be happier with the  training methods that Tracy has taught us to use with our dog and we are delighted with the good behavior of our beloved fur girl.

- Rhonda S. 


----Working with Tracy and Jayms was informative, empowering and tons of fun!! They speak dog!! They we’re able to guide me with tips and tricks to raise a happy obedient pup! Izzy and I both loved their weekly visits and now we romp on the beach OFF LEASH as Izzy is GREAT at recall with their help. We the owners need the training and it is worth it’s weight in gold. Don’t delay, start a new and wonderful experience with your pup now, you will be thrilled you did! Thanks for everything!! - Karen M. 

——-Pawsitive Pets Training with HEART is amazing! Tracy was very patient and kind while training my service dog. He is so well behaved at home and in public. No matter the issue s that arose with him, Tracy was able to solve it without any methods that would scar him emotionally or mentally (as several others have told me of ways off training that don’t seem to have the dog’s best interest at heart.  That’s not the case with Tracy! She even explained the reasoning for everything we did. If you want Pawsitive results, you must use Pawsitive Pets! ~Jenny A.

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